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Covid 19

The most important thing for us is to do our part in protecting against the spread of COVID-19, while also doing what we responsibly can to provide our community with some much-needed normalcy and support during these challenging times. Our commitment to you is to continue to operate the theater for as long as we are able to provide a safe environment that’s in keeping with recommendations from the CDC and governmental guidelines. 


We are a small, family run theatre. Our employees consist of our 3 boys, ourselves and one longtime employee that was with the previous owner before our purchase of the theatre in November 2019.  We all take great precautions outside of the theatre as to not put ourselves in situations where exposure is high.  Keeping our family AND your family safe and healthy allows us to continue to operate.  Even with minimal crowds, we want to continue to stay open as we know the joy an afternoon or evening at the movie with the best movie theatre popcorn brings all of us! 

We are open for business, with the following measures:

*Tickets are available for purchase at the ticket stand, online, by contacting us thru the contact link above, or calling 605-690-2598.

*  We have added hand sanitizing stations at the ticket stand, near the doors entering the theatres, and at the concession stand. 

*  We have installed GPS Air Cleaning Technology to both theatres. To learn more about the added safety benefits this provides, please check out this article:  


*  To avoid any crowding in the lobby, we have added online concession ordering - Once you have purchased your ticket, you can take a seat in the auditorium, place your order, and you will receive a text message when your order is ready! 

·  Our sanitation procedures will continue to be strictly followed, with bathrooms, lobby & concessions areas being cleaned between patrons and both theaters being fully cleaned & sanitized between showings.

·  If you are showing any signs of illness or are otherwise not feeling well, please stay home. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone displaying symptoms.

*  We will reserve Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of each week for Private Screenings and Private Gaming on the Big Screen. Our new "normal" movie nights will be Thursday thru Sunday. 

*  Concessions TO-GO are available. Make your at-home movie night a bit more authentic with all your favorite movie snacks from Dakota Cinema.

THANK YOU for your continued support. 

Tim, Kelli, Blake, Ethan, Landry & Peggy

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